mike tyson3 Mike Tysons Former LV Home For Sale for $21Mil.

Ok so here’s the deal! Millionaire fight fan Dominic Marrocco purchased Mike Tyson’s Las Vegas home (photo’d above) for $4million. Mr. Marracco is now owner of the sprawling estate including two mansions, each with nine bedrooms, two swimming pools, a sports court, a balcony complete with boxing mural, two hot tubs, three saunas, boxing ring, and a huge garage to house some 18 cars.

Mr. Marracco is a self made Leeds-based Internet entrepreneur from what the specs tell me online. Back in 2004, Marracco completed a deal worth more than $20 million to buy network business 186k.

So it looks like Mr. Marrocco has decided to FLIP the place for a cool $21 million. I’m going to be honest, I’m not sure this property or even the area will hold that kinda price tag. It’s a bit MUCH! I previously lived in Las Vegas during my high school years and I lived in very close proximity from Tyson’s property. The house surprisingly is not located in a gated community. It sits on a public street just east of Wayne Newton’s place. When you arrive outside the front gates, you can minimally see the home sitting far back. It’s a mother of a house.

Tyson’s former home sits on 9.86 acres. The residence is 11,381 sq. ft, 6 bedrooms, 5 full baths.

As of right now, the Las Vegas Real Estate Group, Shapiro & Sher are the only agents listing the home.

9 Responses to “Mike Tyson’s Former LV Home For Sale for $21Mil.”

  • MattNo Gravatar:

    I don’t know where you have that picture from, but I can tell you that the picture is neither of the houses.

  • Babooli freeNo Gravatar:

    I see this picture of house. IT’s very nice houes. Avery huge space take to made this.

  • Picture For SaleNo Gravatar:

    I really enjoy reading LISTING: Mike Tyson’s Former LV Home for $21 Mil! | . It’s very interesting. Hope you will post something like this again.

  • Locksmith Knoxville TNNo Gravatar:

    For whatever reason i’m getting a blank page whenever i try to post a comment,do you recognize why its going?i’m making use of oprea web-browser

  • eddieNo Gravatar:

    I think the pic above is Michael Jackson’s Las Vegas NeverLand Ranch

  • Antonia PetrettiNo Gravatar:

    I think You have problem with images on Chrome. BTW, like your post

  • FashnlvrNo Gravatar:

    Michael Jackson’s neverland ranch is in San Bernadino Valley – not Las Vegas. While in Vegas, Jackson stayed at The Palms or Mandalay Bay

  • meNo Gravatar:

    that picture if not of tysons house, or the house next to them, i should know, i go there everday. sorry! lookup tomiyasu lane..

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