mike tyson 2008 Mike Tysons Former Ohio Mansion Now Abandoned 

Check out the pictures and gossip about Mike Tyson’s former home in Southington, Ohio.

mike tyson ohio home7 300x225 Mike Tysons Former Ohio Mansion Now Abandoned

Mike Tyson’s Former mansion in Southington, Ohio has been abandoned by a family called the Monea family. From the research I have gathered, the Monea family were either managers or financial partners in some way with Mr. Tyson.

The property, a total of 60 acres, is currently sitting abandoned in this desolate area. Tyson’s former home is a very large 10,000 sq. feet with 5 bedrooms. Indoor pool, lavish bathrooms, big chef’s kitchen, 6+ car garages, large entertainment room. Although the property is fully gated, the photos clearly exhibit signs of vandalism and forced entry. The house is not on the market currently with any Real Estate group.

mike tyson ohio home8 300x225 Mike Tysons Former Ohio Mansion Now Abandoned

mike tyson home 10 Mike Tysons Former Ohio Mansion Now Abandoned

Mr. Tyson sold the home to Paul Monea in November of 99′ for $1.3 million. Mr. Tyson continued to live at the residence though while trying to revamp what was left of his boxing career.  

 mike tyson ohio home2 300x225 Mike Tysons Former Ohio Mansion Now Abandoned

Now, Tyson still currently owns his home in Las Vegas, Nevada. The home is currently on the market for $21 million. And from a hot new interview with Tyson, I am going to spill the beans on what Tyson is saying about his life, financial struggles, and his outlook on the future. 

mike tyson ohio home 300x225 Mike Tysons Former Ohio Mansion Now Abandoned

mike tyson ohio home5 300x225 Mike Tysons Former Ohio Mansion Now Abandoned

So…..Here is the report I gathered on a forum in which the photos were posted on. The source gathered public records of the property and reported them to the blog.

As of right now the Monea family owes in excess of $231,000 from 2007 to be collected in 2008.$41,138.75 is the total due for 2007.  The taxes apparently have not been paid in about 5-6 years. The house was listed on eBay by either Monea or Mr. Tyson back in 2005 for $3 million. The house is currently appraised at $2.3 million.

I figure that Paul Monea and his family have no plans to ever pay the back taxes owed on this home. Therefore they have abandoned this mansion and will wait until the IRS snatch it up or it is put at public auction. Too bad. If Mike had invested his money well, and had limited his spendings he probably could still be living in this mans.

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    I know right where that is at.
    I lived about 10 minutes from there,
    most of my life. Its sad that house is very pretty and has major possiblities.
    I wish i could get ahold of that house.

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    Gut it and it would be worth living in. A lot of space for 2.3. Roof Problems? Once you are done you are in it for a lot more. But still may be worth it. The pool size is fantastic.

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