50 cent chelsea Handler 50 Cent & Chelsea Handler Dating??

Wow wow wow….when the hell did this all transpire?

Word on the internet is that Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent were spotted this past weekend in New Orleans possibly on a secret rendezvous together.

The two were seen driving around in two black stretch suburbans hitting local hot spots in NOLA. Chelsea was in town to perform a gig….while it looks like 50 was in town to enjoy the ride..

Several Facebook/Twitter members took to their pages to share the crazy news:

504otos – Greg Rhoades Photography: Wow 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler were just next to us at Mimis and we didn’t even realize it until they bailed! They are together and hopping Nola hotspots tonight in two black stretch Suburbans. (She is in town for a performance, not sure about fitty.)

“Gotta love bourbon st.!!! Can’t believe we just saw chelsea handler, josh wolf. And 50 cent!!!!” (KateHollister9) via Twitter.

“Yes: Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent in the house. NOT KIDDING.” (RichardRead) via Twitter.

What in the hell is going on?

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